Stucchi Multiconnect

Quick release couplings, swivel joints


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Applications and characteristics

This multi-connect fitting can be used on all types of applications when there is a need to change multi-lined tools, on for example snow ploughs, excavators and cranes. Quick: Connecting and disconnection 2 to 10 hydraulic lines in one instant. Can also be connected during working pressure. Versatile: Can be used for both hydraulic and electrical applications. Environmentally friendly: Drip-free fittings minimizes leakage and prevents dirt from entering the system. Safety: Precludes faulty connections.

Part no. Thread Description WP plate WP fitting
5SDP4131000F 1/2" BSP

DP4-13 4x9 fixed

91.6 33
5SDP4131000M 1/2" BSP

DP4-13 4x9 mobile

91.6 33
5SDP491000F 3/8" BSP

DP4-9 4x9 fixed

70.7 35
5SDP491000M 3/8" BSP

DP4-9 4x9 mobile

70.7 35
5S815606038 .

Protection cover for DP4-9 fixed

. .
5S815606039 .

Parking station for DP4-9 mobile

. .
5S815606040 .

Protection cover for DP4-13 fixed

. .
5S815606041 .

Parking station for DP4-13 mobile

. .