High Performance Corrosion Protection, Korrotech 3000






- High-performance, transparent storage and transport preservation
- Enduring, ductile and water repellent protective film
- Excellent for ocean transport of machines and equipment as well as for the outdoor protection of bare parts
- Long-time protection due to self-healing effect
- Protects from corrosion for 2 years

STALOC Korrotech 3000 high-performance corrosion protection is a transparent, wax-like storage- and transport preservation which is used as an effective long-term anti-corrosive for machine parts, tools, fixtures, frames, flanges, etc.
Once applied, the product develops a viscous, water-repellent transparent film with excellent adhesion to the substrate. The self-healing effect guarantees for a long-term protection.

STALOC Korrotech 3000 high-performance corrosion protection is perfectly suited as an anti-corrosive for overseas transports of machines, equipment and facilities as well as for the protection of bare parts while stored outside.
The product is odourless, even when the protected surface is warming (e.g. when stored outside in summer).

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56607038 400